Black Doors

At Handles and Hinges we can offer you a range of Black doors. Doras's European range has already proven to be a hot favourite among our customers.

The Matt Black finish makes these doors stand out for their elegance of contemporary design and beautiful craftsmanship.

This range will help to create a unique, distinctive and highly personal interior in your home.

Amsterdam Black Door Doras

  Amsterdam 1 Panel Solid
  RRP €240 Our Price €215

Arnhem 2 Panel Black Door Doras

    Arnhem 2 Panel Solid
  RRP €250 Our Price €225

Amsterdam Black clear glass door Doras

 Amsterdam 1 Panel Clear
RRP €290 Our Price €265

Arnhem Black door Doras

    Arnhem Panel Clear
RRP €295 Our Price €270

Amsterdam Frosted Glass Black door Doras

 Amsterdam 1 Panel Frosted
  RRP €320 Our Price €295

Arnhem Black Door Doras

   Arnhem 2 Panel Frosted
  RRP €325 Our Price €300